Sketchy Dude
Ballon Seller
Age 42
Appears in Season 1

Season 2

First appearence Free Balloons
Latest Appearance Ned Meets The Annoying Orange
Sketchy Dude is a recurring character of The Misfortune of Being Ned. He first appears in Free Balloons where he gives Ned a free balloon only for Ned to fly away and get shot down by the Army. The salesman then just backs into his truck and drives away. He reappears in Jet Pack where sells Ned a jet pack which he uses to get to school only to bet hit by the bus. The last time we see him is in Ned Meets The Annoying Orange where he charges 5 bucks Ned to use the mysterious door which leads him to The Annoying Orange. He also makes a cameo appearance in The Joke's on Ned, where he only appeared in one of the cabins of the feris wheel.