Wendy: Oh boy! Halloween's the best, Isn't it, Ned?

Ned: It sure is, Wendy!

Ned: I wish I had a costume to wear.

Wendy: Oh don't worry, I'm sure nobody will notice.

Greg: Cool outfit, Nerdy Ned!

Greg: What are you going as, a loser?

Ned: No! I'm going as the, uh, uh, The Headless Horseman!


(laughs) Guys c'mon it's just me!

Wendy: Behind you, Ned!

Ned: Huh?

Head Hunter: (scary whinning) Steal my act, Will you? Then I'll steal your head!

(swish) (evil laughter)


(evil laughter) (galloping)

Greg: Ha ha! Now you're the Nedless horseman! (laughs)

Wendy: Well, Look on the bright side, Ned. At least you got a cool costume. Now let's go Trick-or-Treat.


Greg: Hey! Watch it pumpkin head!

(smash) (laughter)