(Ned is walking down a street

Ned: Lalalalala!

Balloon Seller: Hey kid. Want a free balloon? 

Ned: What's the catch? 

Balloon Seller: NO Catch! Just a totally sweet free balloon!

Ned: Okay, thanks! (takes a balloon, but floats into the sky) Whoa, whoa, whoa-ho-ho! Cool!

(in the N.O.R.A.D, a Looker sees a balloon shaped object on his computer, his computer beeps)

Looker: General! (General comes) We have an unidentified balloon shaped object hovering up Mark 50.670! What should we do, sir? 

General: Hmmm. 

Looker: General? (no reply) Genreal?

General: Uh... (Ned is almost at the N.O.R.A.D.) uhh... 

Looker: GENERAL!

General: Hit it with everything we got!

(Ned is showing flying in the sky) 

Ned: Lalalalala! Flying is Fun! Uh oh! 

(Missles hit Ned and he falls down to the ground next to the Balloon Seller, who looks guilty)

Ned: OOOH! Ow! (the balloon falls next to him) It's okay! I think I can get up! (a crack is heard) Ooh! Nope. 

(the balloon guy gets back into his van and drives off, leaving Ned to cough up smoke)