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The Misfortune Of Being Ned - Free Balloons

The Misfortune Of Being Ned - Free Balloons

Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date October 9, 2013
Written by Bob Jennings
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First episode Spider-Ned

Free Balloons is the first episode of The Misfortune of Being Ned, it aired on the Annoying Orange Channel on October 9, 2013. (which was 4 years after the first AO video)

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In the street, a Balloon Seller  was selling a Free Balloon for Ned. Ned was happy to get a Free Balloon. But, Ned was floating into the Sky. In the N.O.R.A.D, Looker was looking at the screen and saw a balloon-shaped object flying towards the N.O.R.A.D. He called General, and he told him about Ned. Then, General was wondering what to do, then he fired everything they had. A Missle shot Ned, he fell into the Street. The Balloon Seller was thinking he was gulity for giving him the balloon in the first place, so he ran into his van and drove off. 

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